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BOUNCER SERVICES DelhiAlso known as a doorman, door supervisor or cooler, LB Bonafide provides security guards with special training to watch bars, nightclubs, ranches and concerts.

Our personnel work 24 hours/day in 12-hours shifts to provide security, check legal age and authorise/forbid entry (for intoxication, aggressive behaviour or non-compliance with statutory or establishment rules).

In addition, they help you to keep the crowd size, clientele and alcohol consumption under control to avoid any unwanted situation of arguments or conflicts. Bouncers prove to be extremely helpful in the presence of criminal gang activities, where the threat level is extremely high.

We ensure safety of your clientele and premises, and assure that only decent, educated and well behaved bouncers are sent for your requirements. This is one pledge we take as a company and promise to provide the safest bouncers for security. We also ensure that:

All our bouncers are well trained to handle all kinds of crowds with reasonable control and complete confidence.
They are recruited only after learning applicable laws and methods for safety.
They do not drink on the job and maintain the modesty at all the times.
They are hired only after comprehensive family background and police verification.
They possess quality communication skills to attend any guest at any time.
They remain aware of their duty and avoid fights, brawls or any other dispute at any time.