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Background verification DelhiWe provide background verification service to our clients on demand.  Now-a-days it is necessary to  verify the character antecedent of servants, drivers and all employees to prevent any incident.

“Prevention is better than cure”

At LB Bonafide, we ensure to check the background of the applicant as soon as he appears for any kind of recruitment. In addition to our in-house checking, we also ensure police verification of the applicants’ current and permanent residences. Utmost attention is given to new hiring, and the selection procedure is marked with stringent parameters, as laid down in the security policy. All employees are subject to provide detail documents for background checks and verification. The antecedent verification involves the following:-

  • Identity verification
  • Local and permanent address verification
  • Character verification
  • Criminal record verification

Discreet enquires are made in the applicant’s neighbourhood and through his relatives/ informants to authenticate the information shared by the individual. During the course of enquiry, we also test the fingerprints through informants to check if the individual has ever been involved in any criminal case.

The attributes which we seek in LB Bonafide personnel are:

  • Well mannerism
  • Anticipating skills
  • Investigating skills
  • Ability to act, not react
  • Alertness and promptness
  • Modest telephone manners
  • Firmness and determination
  • Decent level of common sense
  • Physical and mental robustness
  • Pleasing, helping and cordial nature