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lb bonafide beat patrolL B Bonafide has introduced a unique concept of Beat Patrol Services in Delhi and NCR. The process involves physical checking at various establishments after closing hours. It has emphasized core business world or closed premises of a client. This ensures that the security and safety of the establishment is in a proper perfect order.

In this way, L.B. BONAFIDE is one of the security company with specialised vehicle rider, drivers with equipment our security team attend the assignment or premises physically and confirm detail report the clients need.


 The concept of Private Beat Patrol is fairly a new idea in metro cities, India. Under this services L.B. BONAFIDE shall cover a defined area, for commercial buildings, residences, showrooms, retail outlets under construction premises etc. our patrol officers shall visit each of these points twice during 12 hours day and night and submission of daily vigilance report to its client made a purpose forwards information.


 the purpose of launching beat patrolling service is to ensure safety and security to the client’s property. Not only have we replaced clients existing security but to keep patrolling vigilance to them also. It reinforce, optimum security supervise at client’s establishments.


Equipment: To upgrade our security, round the clock, provision of L.B. BONAFIDE provides following equipment:-

  • Motor cycle/ Patrolling Van
  • GPS Tracking system
  • Cell phone with camera

Function and Responsibilities:

  1. Patrolling duties during day & night.
  2. Premises checking and its adjacent areas vigilance
  3. Carry our regular activities at client establishments.
  4. Carry out checking on client’s existing security personnel
  5. Checkout any business establishments premises or residential that if proper physical security are in order or not.
  6. Investigate any unusual activity at the premises.

Guard Control System

The moto of L.B. BONAFIDE and its consultancy people used sophisticated systematic cell phone extensively to control of guarding as well as Beat Patrol Services.

The instalment of Electronic Tag system in all the shops, establishments on premises covered under mutual contract. On that basis supervision round the clock and patrolling officer during night check report will be sent to the client through e-mail after proper verification of report by our managerial authority.

Beat Patrol Response: During rounds at night, beat patrol officer finds any suspense or unnatural activities, he will immediate inform the concerned person pertaining to complete report. The following incidence under the beat patrol can be taken place

  1. Fire
  2. Burglary
  3. Tempering with locks
  4. Any suspicious looking vehicles
  5. Any unusual sounds or lights
  6. Quick response for any kind of emergency.