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Our well-trained professional Cleaning staff delivers you the best services you can imagine. Our staff is supported through training and personal hygiene development. This ensures that our customers receive the very best of Cleaning Services from us. Some of our services include:

Daily Cleaning

From parking your vehicle in a clean space to walking through a well-laid path, keepings windows shiny and spic and span interiors – we know how to create that first good impression. Daily cleaning services include:

Our special cleaning services are affordable, reliable and efficient. We have at the forefront of several cleaning innovations and provide you with the most professional staff for undertaking cleaning activities. Special cleaning includes, but not limited to:

Floor polishing
Carpet cleaning with shampoo
Façade cleaning
Glass cleaning
Deep cleaning (Office/House/Warehouse/Store)

Steam cleaning
High-pressure cleaning of building exteriors
Any other special requirement
Periodic Cleaning

If you are looking for periodic cleaning of your premises, just give us your requirements. We assure you cost-effective and innovative ideas for the efficient upkeep of your premises. The periodic cleaning services include:

Carpet cleaning
Floor maintenance
Window Blind/Panes Cleaning
Glass cleaning
Cobweb cleaning
Cleaning of wall claddings
Fixtures and fittings

Restrooms upkeep at regular intervals with detergents

Cleaning of WCs
Urinals with cleaners
Checking WCs working
Cleaning of sanitary bins/ ashtrays/ dustbins
Replenishment of toiletries
Cleaning of washbasins taps
Thorough cleaning of floor area
Cleaning of washbasins taps
Cleaning of fixtures, dispensers, hand dryers, mirrors

Maintenance Cleaning (whenever required )

From single floor offices to entire buildings, LB Bonafide Services can facilitate each of our clients’ unique and special maintenance cleaning requirements. We have a staff and cleaning teams that work 24X7, throughout the year to keep your premises clean. Our regular maintenance cleaning services cover:

Spillage of floor
Carpet or upholstery
Unblocking of sinks
Spraying insects/ mosquito repellents
Upholstery stains removal
Wet pickups in toilets Scrubbing/ buffing of hard floors (internal office area)
Restorative Cleaning

Rodents, pigeons, bugs or dirty walls – your properties can fall victim to these anytime. What is worse is getting a bad name in the market for these treatable issues. LB Bonafide personnel can help you to closely work on the extermination or restorative cleaning to make the infected area thoroughly clean. We have vast experience in providing housekeeping services to our clients. Through numerous planned procedures, we undertake housekeeping services effectively in hotels, factories, hospitals, nursing homes, residential areas and corporate houses.

We can repair, remove and replace within a record time. You can also use our service for:

Shampooing/ dry-cleaning of upholstered furniture
Injecting/ extraction of carpeted areas
Spraying of carpet deodorants