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Our team is highly motivated, dedicated and professional. We have come together from different backgrounds to form a formidable force for LB Bonafide. Our committed team include the following:

Manish Gupta (Veteran)
Manish is an armed forces veteran with over 17 years of experience of active training and serving many Army Installations both under peace and war condition. He is well versed with handling of small arms and automatic weapons, including rifles, Sten guns, machine carbine and light machine guns. His offensive and defence operations training under simulated battle field conditions has helped him to develop an eye for detail and cover every risk of theft, sabotage and fire that an institution or individual might face. He is a strong leader and commands all the guards on duty from the front.

Bailochan Behera

GM, Operations

Bailochan is a capable, result oriented manager with experience in leading high performance teams. He has over 17 years of experience in providing leadership and direction to guards in performing their duties efficiently. At LB Bonafide, handles office administration, site surveying, liaising with clients and handling their grievances. He is also the single point of contact for training new security personnel and allotting them duties and responsibilities as per their calibre.

Deepak Vaish

GM, Sales & Marketing

Possessing a total experience of more than 8 years, Master in Business Administration (Finance


Responsible for Commercials/Rate Breakup, Negotiation & Finalization for Security, Housekeeping and Cash Management Services. Reviewing and finalization of all kind of agreements / Contracts / Licenses / Work orders / SLA’s and other Purchase Orders. Empanelment/Vendor Registration/EOI/RFQ/RFI/RFP/ Due Diligence & Bid Management Process. Empanelment of Tender in Govt. Department, e-Tendering for Outsourcing of manpower.  Liaison with Govt. Department. Site Surveying, Rate Analysis, Risk Evaluation, Bid Preparation, bid Submission and attend Technical and Financial Bid. Preparing Presentation of Weekly/Monthly Sales Review.  Aiding & leading of Sales in Sales Review meetings and conferences. Coordinating with the internal cross-functional departments / branches offices/regions for preparing and generating various daily/weekly/monthly /quarterly MIS, CRM List as per the requirement/instruction of HO as well as reporting officer. Coordinates with Vendors & Clients for Bills, outstanding Payment, Salary, Strength of Security Personals etc. Responsible for maintaining all business confidential files, letter drafting and presentation and handling Rate revision letters, Agreement letters, Minimum Wages. Prepare reports for Incidents, Records of Minimum Wages.

LB Bonafide Organisation hierarchy

lb bonafide organisational chart