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lb bonafide training photosIt is mandatory for all employees to undertake a basic security, housekeeping & catering training course, which impacts necessary skills to perform duty.

In addition, to impart the basic guarding skills they are taught the rudiments process is ongoing and progressive throughout the employee's career to refresh and further develop their knowledge.

The investment in training and development that LB Bonafide makes in its people is perhaps the single-most important way.  At LB Bonafide, our people are our greatest asset, because it’s our people who make the difference. We believe in nurturing the professional and personal growth of our team members. Our successful history of developing employees for growth within the organization is evident by the number of managers and executives who have previously worked as Security and housekeeping associates in our company. Team members receive a through orientation that includes training safety protocols and procedure, professional conduct and ethics. After orientation our team members never stop learning. It is essential that individuals working in the private security industry undergo a structured training programme that results in a recognized qualification. We believe that this will result in a more competent and professional workforce. It will also improve the public image of the private security industry and make it more attractive to potential employees.

LB Bonafide policy mandates before any deployment that all our employees undertake a comprehensive training course which covered requirement of PASARA Act (Private Security Agency Regulation Act 2005).


In addition, to impart basic guarding skills that they are taught the rudiments of:

First Aid

Fire Fighting

Self Defense

The training process is ongoing and progressive throughout the employee’s carrier to refresh and further develop their learning skill.

lb bonafide training photos1The main topics covered are as under:

  • Basic Training
  • About Organization
  • Value of Uniform
  • Discipline
  • Fundamental of Security
  • Advantage and disadvantages of security present and absent
  • Role of Security
  • Dealing with people
  • Code of conduct
  • Basics of fire
  • Basics of first aid
  • Practical and Theoretical training – Discipline, etiquette and leadership training

The following are areas that LB Bonafide has expertise in providing training:

  • Fire Fighting and Safety Techniques
  • Weapons & firearm training
  • Emergency Rescue operations
  • Identification of Explosives
  • Firearm Detection
  • Emergency Simulation & Security Drill Training
  • Body Guard Training
  • Body frisking
  • Emergency Evacuation
  • Private investigation
  • Background Check
  • Housekeeping, Guarding & Catering
  • Refresh Training:

During course of engaging to service at client sites, our employees are making a group of learning station headed by training manger and operation manager. They share their problems during working with their seniors and learned the capsule of how to tackle the difficult situations.

  • Use of presence of mind
  • Divert the situation
  • Reporting to seniors

lb bonafide on job training photosOn Job Training

Learning and earning during the job at client premises.

  • Location & type of deployment
  • Nature of client’s business
  • Confidential but consistency
  • Observation and looking back
  • System of communication knowledge
  • Penetration drive extensively.