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What is Housekeeping?


Housekeeping it’s not just a word, but a complete sentence itself because housekeeping is not just doing cleaning stuff it has other tasks as well just like cleaning, Sweeping, Mechanized Cleaning of common areas, Toilets and Periphery, Cleaning of corridors, Basement, Floor, staircases, window panes & fixtures, Cleaning of Toilets and Removing of garbage from the pits. Housekeeping is the mix of all these above listed tasks. Nowadays it’s very hard for people to keep up the balance between office work and household works and the good news is there are few service providers who are ready to take the pain and do housekeeping stuff and complete housekeeping services for people.

housekeeping_floor mop

Given below are a few things which one should always keep in mind when it comes to complete housekeeping services.

Daily cleaning.

In Daily Cleaning we can add corridors sweeping of floor with dust control mop followed by wet mopping using floor scrubbing machine and general floor cleaner on a regular basis. All windows in corridors should be dusted and all glass panels need to be cleaned with a cleaner and proper duster. The window frame should also need cleaning with a brush to remove the dust, especially in the window sill area. All furniture including sofa sets, center and side tables shall be dusted and cleaned daily. All glass doors shall be cleaned with microfiber cloth and glass cleaning agent at least once in a day.


All dust bins shall be cleaned daily. Every dust bin shall be lined using plastic bag of appropriate size and grade as permitted under applicable laws. Dustbins are not allowed to overflow in any condition. For collecting the garbage the complete plastic bag shall be removed from the dust bin, mouth tied with a string, and then taken to the nominated Municipal Corporation bin.


The toilet door shall be wiped and cleaned on both sides. The toilet floor shall be dry mopped and then wet mopped using the right floor cleaner. It shall be followed by mopping using deodorizer. Adequate concentration of cleaning/ deodorizing agents shall be ensured to meet the requirements of hygiene and freshness. All WC/urinal pots/Indian style commodes shall be cleaned using a right undiluted cleaning agent (toilet seat & bowl cleaner) in sufficient quantities and scrubbing and wiping with a brush. Intensive cleaning to remove scales/marks in ceramic wash basins, WC and Indian style commodes which have accumulated over a period.


Flushing system of all toilets shall be checked daily. Sufficient quantity of ice cubes, Naphthalene balls in urinals and wash basins, liquid soap and toilet paper rolls shall be checked as well. All taps, soap cases, towel rails, etc. shall be cleaned and wiped. All mirrors in the toilets shall also be cleaned. Also check the toilets for mosquitoes and shall arrange spray mosquito repellant on need basis over the course of the day.

Switchboard, plastic and brass planters, fixed furniture, wall hanging, etc. in common areas shall be suitably cleaned once daily.

Weekly cleaning

Schedule a Hosing and cleaning of awnings on entry gates using high pressure jet washing machine, Intensive cleaning of wall tiles/granite cladding on wall in toilets, Dusting and cleaning of cobwebs from the ceiling of the corridors, toilets, staircases, store rooms, basements using proper brushes.

Also keep an eye on Intensive cleaning of toilets including corners of floors and urinal drains. Using right brushes, equipment and cleaning agents, Sweeping of car garages wherever possible. If it is possible, then also do some sweeping of roof top floor and Polishing of all brass items like name plates, handles, railings and banisters.

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