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lb bonafide Facility Management serviceCreating an efficient work environment is usually seen as one of the biggest overheads for any company. The planning, funding, design and on-going support/ servicing etc. have a huge cost factor for organizations after employee payrolls.

Cleaning, maintenance and security; we take care of all by placing the right kind of people in the right places.

At LB Bonafide, we dedicate ourselves to provide you with the best facilities management services to improve the daily running condition of your workplace. We provide complete set of services as per the needs, activities and image of your company by providing a single source of contact for all purposes.

Our work procedures are simple yet effective based on the integration of LB Bonafide’s team with the customer's orientation to provide dedicated and seamless services. We are committed to cost effectiveness in facility management services, providing you with an ever-improving service level which are custom-made suiting your conditions. We also provides:-lb bonafide Facility Management services

Office boys/Peon
Housekeeping boys
Pantry boys