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lb boafide guarding services
Your safety & security is our first concern.

Under this, we ensure the following to avoid any untoward incident:

Proper adherence to safety and security guidelines and policies
Thorough training on safety and security procedures
Upkeep and update of equipments
Direct supervision and control
Appropriate response in case of emergencies
Fully-vetted backup plan for emergencies

The security drills are a part of our regular training procedure. We follow rules and guidelines as laid down by government agencies for establishments, residential and other commercial areas.

We provide the following services under safety and security:


Guarding Services

Security Guarding Services at LB Bonafide are provided under the experienced supervision of its management staff. LB Bonafide believes that the success of any guarding security service depends on the quality of the security personnel who work for the company.

A few things set us apart from other security agencies in this aspect include:

Site-specific professional security guards at your site based on the contract parameters
Formulation of detailed assignment procedures (after thorough discussion clients) to ensure all aspects of security are identified
Outlining of all safety, security and risk elements in detail
Submission of all security guard reports, as per the set timeline procedures at the site.
Supervision by our service security managers to ensure that all guarding duties are maintained up to the highest standards by regularly visiting your premises


LB Bonafide corporate securityIndustrial Security Services and Corporate Security Services

The security service at L. B. Bonafide takes care of preventing any kind of loss through accident, theft, fraud, fire explosion, damage or wastage at your premises. We train our security guards, supervisors and security officers on multiple sites for diverse range of clients. Their skills and astute execution of security operations with commitment ensures your factories, warehouses, offices and industries operate 24 hours a day, without any glitch. In addition to securely manning your location, we also cover:

24/7 mobile patrols
Updation of security logs
Reporting of irregularities
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Investigation of disturbances
Emergency response vehicles
Carrying out random searches
CCTV installation and monitoring
Constant patrolling to prevent intrusion
Monitoring and authorising arrivals and departures